Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in New Rochelle

Thanksgiving in New Rochelle

"So, what are you doing for the holiday?"

I get asked that a lot, whether the holiday is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or one of the lesser American "festivals" like Labor Day or July 4. The usual answer is that we're celebrating it together. "We" is the local SDB community--often enuf, both local SDB communities (provincial house and high school). These are family occasions for most Americans, and we SDBs are family to one another.

So it was today. Of our provincial house community of 18, 16 were home for the occasion, and 4 of the high school's 6 confreres joined us for dinner. (Bro. Don Caldwell's mom died in Pittsburgh earlier this week; he's been with her thru most of her illness, and Fr. Pat went out there the other day. The 4 men still home will leave tomorrow a.m. for the wake and funeral.)

Several of the confreres "conspired" to prepare dinner, and others did the decorating. So we had an outstanding feast of thanks and fellowship--as usual.

Need I mention that Mass was part of the celebration earlier in the day? No Salesian feast is complete without giving thanks to the Lord.

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