Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Rochelle's Winter Resort

New Rochelle's Winter Resort

New Rochelle was affected by the major winter storm that struck the East Coast on Jan. 2-3, but not as much as many other places.  By my measurement (in a relatively sheltered part of our garden), we got 6.5 inches of powdery snow.

That was more than enuf to close every school in the area, of course.  But by late morning the sun was out, and so were the kids.  Whenever there's a couple of inches of snow, some of the kids from the neighborhood flock to our little hill with their sleds and tubes and have a ball, often until it gets dark.

Winter seemed to settle in; on the 7th we were in the deep freeze (the "polar vortex"), in which a record low temperature for the date was recorded in Central Park (that's about 20 miles from us)--+4 degrees.  It was about that cold here, as well, compounded by a good bit of wind.

It warmed up gradually in the following days--very steadily.  Yesterday (Saturday, the 11th) it was above 50 and rained all day.  By today the only snow to be seen was in the piles where it was plowed up, and those are noticeably diminished.

I went for a walk this afternoon in Larchmont Manor Park.  Not a trace of snow anywhere to be seen.
One of Manor Park's landmark gazebos, overlooking Long Island Sound,
with Long Island itself 3 or 4 miles across the water

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