Friday, May 3, 2013

The First Announcements

The First Announcements

On May 2 Fr. Tom Dunne, our provincial, made the first announcements concerning the 2013-2014 pastoral year.

The province has been waiting for personnel announcements for many weeks. This announcement was both modest and large:  modest in that only one Salesian is affected directly, and large in that it signifies a major change in the scope of the province's Youth Ministry Office.

Fr. Abe Feliciano
To wit: The YM Office this summer will relocate to the provincial house in New Rochelle, and its director, Fr. Abe Feliciano, will become part of our community. The change in scope entails "giving primary focus on animating the local communities to an effective evangelization of the young through the development of functioning youth ministry teams, competent youth ministers, and the broader educational-pastoral communities," in the words of Fr. Tom's announcement. That is in contrast to the practice that has evolved over quite a few years of the YM Office running programs.

In a separate communication published in the province's newsletter, Fr. Tom announced the temporary relocation of the SDB personnel of Salesian Boys & Girls Club in East Boston. In view of the physical relocation of the SDB residence from one side of Byron St. to the other, Frs. John Nazzaro and Rich Putnam will take up temporary residence in the parishes where they serve on weekends, and Bro. Bernie Dube has taken up temporary residence in the provincial house. Fr. Rich Cressman has been assigned to Mary Help of Christians Center in Tampa and will not return to East Boston.
The SDB residence at the corner of Bennington and Byron Sts. will be moved across Byron St. and be set adjacent to the parking lot/playground of the Boys & Girls Club.

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