Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old Man Winter Comes to New Rochelle

Old Man Winter Comes to New Rochelle

Altho we've had a lot of frigid days this winter, there hadn't been a lot of snow--till yesterday.  The much ballyhooed big winter storm actually was a pretty ordinary storm for us, just outside New York City and on the shore of Long Island Sound.  The snow in our garden was "only" 9 inches deep this morning.

The storm as seen by NOAA
It was, of course, quite another story not far inland (e.g. Bronxville and Scarsdale) and in the upper reaches of Westchester County, in Connecticut, in eastern Long Island, etc.

The storm started yesterday (Feb. 8) by 6:30 a.m., while I was driving to Mass in the Bronx.  Looking out the big windows of the convent chapel during Mass (should I be doing that?), I could see the snow blowing almost horizontal to the ground, and City Island on the other side of Eastchester Bay was almost obscured.  But the snow didn't start to accumulate until late afternoon, and there wasn't anything that Bro. Andy could plow off our driveways until after supper.

Our outside Masses for this morning had already been cancelled.  As far as I know, the evening Masses are on because the main roads are cleared.  Bro. Andy and Fr. Ken were out early this morning, and again after breakfast, to plow our driveway and parking lots clear, and four of us took up snow shovels, brooms, and scrapers, to free up five cars.

It was all pretty to look at, for sure!

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