Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board

Most of the members of the editorial board of the Salesian Bulletin U.S.A. met in New Rochelle on Thursday, Sept. 20, for almost 4 hours. Here you see, seated, Sr. Juanita Chavez, FMA, from San Antonio; Sr. Denise Sickinger, FMA, from Haledon; Judy Alvarez, from Rosemead, the Western Province's delegate for communications (i.e., supervisor of everything to do with communications, internal and external, in the province); and standing, your humble blogger and Fr. Steve Dumais, from New Rochelle, vice provincial and delegate for communications.

We spent a lot of time refining a mission statement for the SB, which was more or less mandated by the 2009 meeting in Rome of the SB editors from around the world; and quickly approved a list of editorial policies, also called for by the international meeting. On that meeting:

We also reviewed and critiqued the most recent issues and planned lead stories for the next few issues.

The returns of the survey postcard included in the last issue (summer) have been scanty so far, but such as they are, we looked at them. We're also going to run an on-line survey, starting with readers of the province newsletters. Getting feedback from readers also was strongly encouraged at that 2009 meeting.

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