Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Night, Irene

Good Night, Irene

We did a lot of prep on Friday and Saturday to get ready for Hurricane Irene's arrival in the early hours of Sunday a.m. Her leading edge--off-and-on rain squalls--started already on Saturday a.m.

By the time she got here, tho, she wasn't a hurricane any more--"only" a tropical storm. Not much consolation to the people in upstate N.Y. and Vermont, according to subsequent news of flash floods and marooned communities.
In N.R. we had lots and lots of rain and occasional strong gusts of wind. The photo above, taken from our porch at 8:54 a.m., shows rain driven sideways and most of the screening on the outfield fence ripped up.

The wind and rain knocked down a lot of little branches from our maples, pines, spruces, oaks, and beeches, and a couple of good-sized limbs in the row of trees along Lefevre Lane. Directly in front of our front door, over the driveway, a very large limb was severely cracked (above, shot from above) but didn't come down. We'll have to have our tree doctor come in and remove it. On Monday Bro. Andy and Fr. Terry spent hours clearing and chipping the debris from along Lefevre.

Then there was the tide, which peaked around 10:30 a.m. It came over the seawall and about 10 feet into center field. Actually, that's not the farthest some of us have seen it reach--but the most, recently.

And by 11:30, Irene was pretty much gone. From our tower, this shot shows the undisturbed construction site (county water treatment plant) across Lefevre Lane, and the municipal marina beyond. At center left you can even see that Air Canada is flying again.

We thank God that we had no major disruption to our lives--only the minor one of not being about to go out for our regular Sunday Masses; and only very minor damage on the property. We pray for those who weren't so blessed.

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