Friday, February 26, 2010

Outline of a Homily for 1st Sunday of Lent

Outline of a Homily
for the 1st Sunday of Lent
Feb. 21, 2010
Luke 4: 1-13
Troop 40 and NYLT

Jesus filled with the HS
-- conceived by the HS (Lk 1)
-- HS descended on him at the Jordan
-- HS leads him into the desert (Lk 4)

Israel was led into the desert – this is the road to salvation (from Egypt). Israel = God’s son in frequent OT usage. Jesus recognized as God’s beloved Son as the HS came upon him.

In the desert Israel underwent numerous testings (temptations) and failed; isn’t faithful to God. Jesus is tempted in the desert but overcomes. He’s the faithful Son of God.

Jesus fasted 40 days (like Moses). Fasting disciplines the body, sharpens the mind and heart for God and for the poor/needy. It “creates an empty space for God to fill; expression of our desire to be converted from selfishness and remove the effects of sin in our lives.”

Jesus’ 3 temptations
-- bread: the senses, selfishness; cf. teens and sensuality (laziness, gluttony, drink, drugs, cigarettes, sex). These can separate us from God and from others
-- power, wealth, and glory of the world, constant human temptations (Faust, “Devil & Daniel Webster”); control of others, self-will—arrogance, war (Napoleon, Hitler, corrupt politicians, financial scandals, genocides). Devil is lord of this (fallen) world: v. 6
-- make a great (miraculous) scene—fame (Am. Idol, sports star); comes back to self again

Last temptation is set in Jerusalem; devil leaves him “for a time” (foreshadowing). In Jerusalem Jesus will meet most severe test after “the devil entered Judas.” Wicked men will unjustly torture and execute Jesus. He’ll be sorely tempted to quit his messianic role (the Garden), to deny who he is (on trial), to curse his persecutors and mockers, to take easy way and come off the cross, to abandon God who seems to have abandoned him. But he remains faithful to his Father and to his own mission, forgives his enemies, and defeats Satan once and for all.

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